Nebraska Dental Sleep Medicine©, PC

Ronald Attanasio, DDS, MSEd, MS

(located in Morning Glory Dental)

1745 N. 86th Street

Lincoln, Nebraska 68505-3632

office/appointments: 402-489-8848

Sleep Disorders: snoring; sleep apnea.

TMJ Disorders: jaw/face pain; teeth grinding; clicking/locking of jaw; headaches.

Patient Forms

When you contact the office to make an appointment, the office personnel can send you the forms necessary for the appointment by postal mail, email, or fax.  Please inform the personnel which method you prefer.  Thank you.

Included with the forms are a cover letter and a patient questionnaire, all of which are important for you, the office personnel, and me.  The cover letter informs you of the generous time allotment for our initial visit so that I can spend the appropriate amount of time for you as my patient. It will also explain the initial visit and other fees. The patient questionnaire is comprised of several pages, and it is necessary to have that information completed by you in advance of the appointment so that when you do come to the initial visit, I can have that information in my hands to read and serve as a foundation for our visit together.